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A Little Herstory

My personal history has revolved around food since I was a very young girl. My father was the cook in our family, and as a busy single father he was given to interesting and creative meals on the fly. He enjoyed cooking; I could tell it was a release for him.

My brothers and I also had a series of housekeepers that introduced us to various ethnic foods. Down Home Southern Cookin' from my beloved Bessie and her partner in laughter, Grace Ann. We celebrated Passover with the Ecksteins and learned quickly how delicious beef tongue is (excellent with ketsup). From the Chungs I learned to chop vegetables in beautiful ways, safely and quickly. I was 10.

As a teenager in high school (1975), I began waiting tables at an iconic vegetarian restaurant called The Laughing Man. I understood right away that I was embracing a lifestyle and it has been my passion ever since. I have always believed in affordable, delicious and shall we say, fluid food that changes with the seasons.

Life has taken me some interesting places-from the Deep South to Dubai to Martha's Vineyard and many places in between. From every sojourn I have filled my senses with the culture of the local kitchens. The ways that meals unite us is so universal.

It is my true belief that beautiful food can be bountiful, beautiful, tasty and affordable.